Get Connected to Experience God & Be Equipped!

God is doing a new thing in our communities, bringing a fresh outpouring of His Love. God wants us back to himself and experience Him like never before. If you are tired of living a ceremonial christian life and have long been in the sidelines, now is your time get connected to your church family. Since Jesus himself didn’t come to condemn us but to save us we have designated His church Harvest Time as a no condemnation zone.  We invite you to Join Harvest Time family to experience God’s love for real. 
At Harvest Time we are people just like you who love Jesus, who have tasted His love and have learned to walk in His freedom. We are here to serve and equip you to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. We will walk with you in your struggles, we will laugh with you in your Joy, we will cry with you when you cry. Harvest Time is a place of miracles because we believe in the God of miracles and we will pray with you for your every needs. We teach you to walk with God by showing how to fall in love with God. You will learn what He likes and what He doesn’t like which enables us to experience God and live a life of freedom with purpose. 
Get connected Today! 

New Life Groups – Let’s do life together…

Come Join us for the New Life Group in the Church every Tuesday. New Life Group is the best place to bring your friends and neighbors to know Jesus Christ. Please Join us and grow in the knowledge of God All are welcome… 
We are having our combined New Life Group in the Church Fellowship Hall. If you long for real Godly fellowship, fresh word of God, find purpose for your life, prayer for your needs and meet real people like you. Please Join us…
Day & Time :  Every Tuesday @ 7:30 am
Please contact GetInfo@JoinHarvestTime@org for more details

Growth Track – Growing in Christ one step at a time…

Growth Track guides you to discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you by becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.
The Growth Track is made up of four steps that equip you to
Step One: Church – Connecting by become a Member – Explore the ministry of Harvest Time. Knowing the vision and values of Harvest Time
Step Two: Essentials – Learn to Walk with Christ – Learn the essentials to walk with Jesus Christ and become a devoted disciple of Jesus
Step Three: Discover – Discovering who you are in Christ –Discover your personalities, gifts and callings, which empowers you to fulfill the purpose of your life
Step Four: Seed Team – Serve by joining a Seed team – Find an opportunity to serve others at Harvest Time by using the unique god given gifts
Duration of the Class – 45-60 Minutes

Please Sign up for the classes, contact GetInfo@JoinHarvestTime@org for more details