Six Things to do before going after your Jericho Walls

 By Jaisam Daniel 
Entering the promised land was the dream come true for the Israelite’s. They crossed the Jordan river miraculously led by the presence and power of the ark of God carried by the priests. Immediately after entering their promised land, the first thing they saw was a giant wall staring at them, Yes the giant, imposing Jericho Walls!!! The more they looked at them their minds started measuring the length, height and width of the walls. Every passing day it seemed the walls grew bigger and stronger. May be in their minds the walls spoke to them “You can’t cross me, not just now, but never!”
Life brings tough times and we overcome them. But some are not normal problems, they grow bigger and more complicated day by day. They become our Jericho walls. That’s how you and me stare at our biggest problem, the more we look they grow big and become more complex. But before going after their Jericho walls, the children of God camped at God’s camp ground at Gilgal (Joshua 5). They did six things before going after their walls
  1. Remember, What God has done for you before? – They build a memorial for the miracle of crossing the Red Sea. For all of us God has done many great miracles in the past, record them, build memorials and remember them, they build our faith to go after our walls today.
  2. Stop following your fleshly ways, and follow the spirit – Joshua circumcised the children of Israel. God can’t help us bring down the walls, when we still continue to live in our worldly ways. Allow him to remove the fleshly ways and follow the Spirit.
  3. Communion  With God – The people of God celebrated the Passover after a long time, they didn’t celebrate it all through their wilderness. Spending more time with him and communion with him in prayer, makes God bigger in your mind than your walls. Until we believe our God is bigger and mighty than our walls we will not go after them. 
  4. Grow up in Maturity to do what’s Right – For the first time after forty years eating manna, they planted, worked hard and harvested and ate solid food from their promised. God wants us to grow up in maturity and do the right things even if it’s painful and fearful. It gives courage to go after your walls. 
  5. Come under the Commander – Joshua the commander of the army came under the commander of the Lord’s army Jesus Christ. Jericho walls can’t be brought down my human strength, they come down by the power of God, it’s a good thing to come under him. Allow God to lead you, he will bring down your walls.
  6. Trust the Promise From God –  The Lord said to Joshua, “I have given you Jericho, it’s kings, and all its strong warriors”. Have you heard from God about your problems?  God’s promises are like checks we take it to the bank, they will have a beneficiary name, they will have a date when you can cash in and they also have amount of power you need to get the Job done. 
“God’s promises are like checks we take it to the bank, they will have beneficiary name, they will have a date when you can cash in and they also have amount of power you need to get the Job done.”
Joshua 6:2 – “But the Lord said to Joshua, “I have given you Jericho, its king, and all its strong warriors.”
May be today you are facing your biggest challenge in your life. God gives you the promise of Victory  to bring down your walls. Follow these principles before you go after your Jericho Walls. God has not brought you this far to get stopped these walls, but to cross them and take your blessing.
Coming next “How to bring down my Jericho walls?”
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